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    Whether it's a photoshoot, special occasion or event, I offer personalized makeup application for all skin tones. My specialty is creating nuanced looks that are well balanced and complementary to your features. No two applications are ever the same. Let's collaborate to create the beauty that looks and feels like you.

    Let's dive into the details of your current beauty routine. Don't have one? No problem! Wave goodbye to the stress of where to look and what to buy. I customize product selections for your makeup or skincare goals and curate them for your budget and your needs.

    Fine, thick, curly, coily, natural, extensions-- bring it on! I am experienced with all hair types and textures, and I've included very few images in my portfolio that I did not also do the hair styling for so that you can browse with confidence! I highly recommend clients add this service for their look to feel complete.

    Tackle your routine in one-on-one lessons where I will teach you how to master a makeup application style of your choice in the comfort of your own home. We will identify what works best for you and practice the areas of application where you are less skilled so you feel confident when it's time to get ready.

    Clean up your complexion so the focus is on you rather than pesky spots or inconsistent tones. I approach these sessions with the precision they demand + a special attention to detail so it always appears natural. This style of application is for clients who need undetectable, effective enhancement.


    In 2022 I am offering select workshops where I will cover all things beauty. Focus will include makeup lessons for particular styles and occasions, round table discussions on beauty culture and finding love when we look in the mirror, skincare advice and much more.