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    James Le Bruen


    The subject of beauty was a trigger for most of my life before finding this career path. I was taught from an early age that I was valued for being pretty and not much else, so it quickly impacted my self-worth. I sought superficial validation that even when it came, left me feeling empty and alone. It became a perpetual cycle that worsened into my 20’s to the point that I wouldn’t leave my home without makeup on. And in the midst of this, ironically, I found myself on a path to working professionally in the very industry that capitalized on my deepest insecurities.

    I actually laugh now because it was like the perfect storm where the universe dropped a bomb in my lap and phoned me personally to say, “Wake the hell up! It’s time to change the narrative.” So the process began and I started unlearning and relearning the truth that always existed, patiently waiting to be realized. Worth, beauty, and value comes from within me. It is not something that can be defined by others because it is already inherently mine. Inherently each of ours. A birth right.

    I share all of this to say that my life experience has turned into my superpower. It’s the thing that keeps me loving this world and this work in a profound way. It’s the thing that allows me to come from a place of deep grace and compassion, and quite simply, it’s the thing that sets my work apart from other artists. There is nothing more beautiful than feeling seen, heard, understood and taken care of. Whether I work with you once or many times, I promise to always meet you exactly where you are. Let’s create something that truly looks and feels like you– wherever you are on your beauty journey.